Categories and Tags


Tags and Categories are an essential to have a successful site. They are going to be helping organize and add structure to your website. You will think there worthless, however, they will help your website a lot.

Tags and Categories are useful in many different situations. Library’s, Schools, Workplaces and many other places use tags and categories to help find there stuff. Library’s use tags to indicate where a book is located at, and they use categories to make there costumers find what they want quickly.

How to Add Tags and Categories


  1. First you will want to click the “Categories & Tags” drop down arrow.
  2. After that you need to click the “ADD A NEW CATEGORY.”
  3. Then you will name the category.
  4. Finally you will link the category to the proper page so it flows easy.


  1. First you will need to click the “Categories & Tags”  drop down arrow
  2. Then you will need to click in the “TAGS” dialogue box.
  3. Finally you will add the right tags to fit your website.