Adding Pages Instead of Posts

Pages are more useful than posts because, they are not sorted in chronological order
and are easy to make. A good thing to add to your page is an image at the top right corner in the page. This helps the reader know what the page is about before they even have to read the first sentence.


Pages are static and are not listed by date. They do not use tags or categories and are moreĀ understanding and you can type more pages in the order that you actually want it to go into.


Post are entry lists in chronological order. They can be found in many different forms and arrangements. You are in complete control in how many posts that you are showing at any time. The URL for a post also contains the date at which the post was updated.

In my own opinion, pages are not as useful as posts are. However, they are easier and neater then a post, mainly because a post does not update in chronological order. Which can confuse your reader and make them leave there your cite. I hope this short page is a helpful page for you and I hope that you have learned something from it as well.