Mapping Out Your Website

Mapping out your website is going to help you figure out ideas that are going to be able to fit with the topic and help you know what to insert and add on your way. You may have wanted to complete this step in creating a website later in creating a website. You may also find that it relates to other assignments too. This lesson is all about how you make your website fit how you like it to look. It will allow you to add your favorite feature and even a future feature as well.

“It is crazy to build a website without a plan.  Those people who just ‘go for it’ are silly!” I feel that this may be true, however, to some people, they can just go straight into making a website without a plan. All they need is a subject and they can make it up as they go along. For me I am going to be making a website for my YouTube channel. I am planing to have a about me page, a link page, a schedule page (that i probably will not follow), and a shout out page to everyone that helps me make the videos. Probably the only problem that I will have is that the website is only edited at school so the links page is only gonna have the link to my channel and my like 5 videos i have right know.


Adjusting Settings

Adjusting your settings to your post and pages will help you adjust the minor things. However, it is not the funnest part of your posts. But it can help you with how the site will look when its finished. Settings are going to determinate where your text goes and titles and the page layout design. That is it for this Wednesday, I know it was shot so I’m sorry. Thank You.

Changing Your Theme

Changing your theme is a very helpful tool when creating a website. Themes help your site look more professional and easier to manage. Your theme will tell you where your text will go, images, and titles. This will make your site look more organised and it will also help you finish your post faster. Themes are easy to change and you will not loose any of your information either.

Some themes have “theme options” which allows you to change colors, image placement, and title placement  as well. The “theme option” is just there to help you design your posts and pages the way that you would like it to look.

If your looking for free themes, go to WordPress theme section to see all the free themes that are available for you.

Some of my favorite themes are:

  1. New Gamer
  2. SKT Full Width
  3. Philips

I like these themes because they stand out, they get to the point, and I feel that the reader will be able to navigate and find what they are looking for fast and easy. Which I hope you decide to think of when your picking out your them. The theme needs to be accessible and easy to navigate, because if your viewers can’t find what they want they will leave your site.

I hope that you have learned something about themes here, and i also hope you have a great week. Thank you if you read all the way down to here.

Categories and Tags


Tags and Categories are an essential to have a successful site. They are going to be helping organize and add structure to your website. You will think there worthless, however, they will help your website a lot.

Tags and Categories are useful in many different situations. Library’s, Schools, Workplaces and many other places use tags and categories to help find there stuff. Library’s use tags to indicate where a book is located at, and they use categories to make there costumers find what they want quickly.

How to Add Tags and Categories


  1. First you will want to click the “Categories & Tags” drop down arrow.
  2. After that you need to click the “ADD A NEW CATEGORY.”
  3. Then you will name the category.
  4. Finally you will link the category to the proper page so it flows easy.


  1. First you will need to click the “Categories & Tags”  drop down arrow
  2. Then you will need to click in the “TAGS” dialogue box.
  3. Finally you will add the right tags to fit your website.

Adding Hyperlinks

Welcome back! This Wednesday I am going to be talking about hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are a wonderful way to help people navigate through your site and even other people sites. They are very useful for work sited pages, linking videos into your sites, and much more.

Adding hyperlinks are very easy to do. There is one main way using WordPress that can link you text to other pages, and it is very easy to do. Here is a six step plan to help you with your hyperlink:

  1. First you go to the site that you would like to link into your page.
  2. After that you copy the URL in the search bar.
  3. Then you highlight the word(s) that you would like to link the page to in your site.
  4. After that you clicking the chain link like button on the tool bar menu.
  5. Then you past the URL into the URL text box.
  6. If necessary type the text that you would like to link the URL to.

Two examples of this are:

Creating Website Using WordPress

Creating Pages Instead of Posts

WordPress Home Page/ reader

I hope that this post was helpful to you. Next Wednesday I will be adding tags and Categories to your pages and posts. So if that is something you are willing to do, I will have the next page linked at the bottom of this page when it comes out next week. Hope that you have a great day, and an even better week. Thank You!

Adding Images to Your Website

Welcome! It is Wednesday 17 and I am back with another post. As I said in the previous post, I am doing another post every Wednesday. Today I am going to show you how to insert a image into your post. I will be going over three different sizes of images, these are full size, medium size, and thumbnail.

Full size:

You can insert a full size image by, searching google images to the picture you would like and then under the search bar click the bottom that says search tools. Then there will be a size drop down arrow click large then copy and past the picture you want into your post,

Medium size:

You can insert a medium size image by, locating a picture that you want and then click the button under the search bar that says search tools. Then there will be a size drop sown arrow click that and then click Medium. Then find the picture and then copy and past that image into the post.



You can insert a thumbnail the same way as all the rest,  locating a picture that you want and then click the button under the search bar that says search tools. Then there will be a size button click that then go to the button that says exact. Then type in 1280 x 720 and that is the usual thumbnail size.

That is how you insert a large image, medium image, and a thumbnail. Join me back next Wednesday for another quick and easy tips to making a website using WordPress. And remember, images are a grate way to let people know what you are talking about. So putting pictures into your website is a grate way to let your viewers know what you are talking about.

Creating a Website Using WordPress!

Welcome! I am a student at Columbia Falls High School in a class called Web Design. We are making a website using WordPress. I am doing a blog every Wednesday for a couple of weeks and i hope you enjoy. It may look confusing at first, however, i think we might be able to manage to make it through this.

I hope you enjoy this experience and I would like you to stick with me throughout my “Creating a Website Using WordPress.” I am uploading new blogs every Wednesday for a few weeks, if you would like to make a site there will be instructions to do so next Wednesday. I hope you enjoy!